For questions about your garbage bill, please call (205) 491-7010.

MANDATORY WASTE COLLECTION in the City of Hueytown is implemented per City Ordinance No. 93-0608-1 adopted in 1993. (Solid Wastes Disposal Act, State of Alabama 1975). All properties inside Hueytown City limits are subject to ordinance requirements regarding garbage services and fees.

 GARBAGE COLLECTION is handled through contract with a garbage collection service. Each occupied dwelling is provided with one cart and one weekly garbage pickup. The City collects a quarterly garbage fee of $51.00 – payment in advance. A $15.00 discount is allowed if $189.00 is paid in advance (annual fee).  (These rates are effective April 1, 2017)

            The City’s ordinance charges the “property owner” with the responsibility for payment of the garbage fee even if the property is rented or otherwise occupied. If the City does not receive payment, the “property owner” will be held accountable to pay all unpaid fees to the City prior to reinstatement of service.

             Certain hardships may qualify for exemption from garbage fee, upon proof of income and/or other situation allowable by ordinance. Exemption applications may be obtained from the City Clerk’s Office. If exemption is approved by the City per the ordinance, the applications are required to be renewed each year.

 TRASH COLLECTION is administered through the City’s Street Department. No items or debris generated by a contractor or generated by residents doing similar work to their own residences will be picked up by the City. (CONTRACTORS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR REMOVING ALL DEBRIS FROM THEIR WORK.)

             The City will only pick up the below-listed “TRASH”:

                         Tree trunks that are no longer than three feet in length

                        Tree limbs that are no longer than six feet in length

                        Leaves and grass clippings (*Must be bagged in biodegradable bags)

Click here to see a full list of items not allowed for pickup.

 * City Resolution No. 3078, adopted November 12, 1997, requires citizens to bag leaves for which they request pickup service. Resolution No. 3186 was adopted March 24, 1998, to allow leaf-vacuuming for certain citizens due to physical inability to bag leaves on their own accord. (Head of Households – age 65 years or disabled. Proof of age and/or disability is required.)

 DO NOT RAKE LEAVES INTO DITCHES. Leaves raked into ditches cause drainage/flooding problems.

             Thank you for your cooperation. Proper disposal of waste is measured in the cleanliness of the City as well as the health and safety of its residents. Should you have concerns, please contact us.